Kinetic Hybrid Motor

Installed post-transmission and does not void vehicle warrantees.


Super long-lasting ultracapacitors provide years of quick energy storage and release.

Bolt-on Ready

Quick installation gets you green faster and transferability to future vehicles increases ROI.


A shorter, replacement driveshaft allows the Kinetic Hybrid motor to build torque.

More Miles Per Gallon

Go further with 20-30% increases in fuel efficiency.

No Batteries or New Infrastructure

Avoid expensive battery replacements and save thousands on facility changes.

Harmful Emissions Reduced

You and the environment can breathe easier with up to 30% fewer noxious emissions.


  • FTA Certified
  • Altoona Tested and Approved
  • Alternative Energy Classification
  • Cummins Life Tested
  • CALSTART Validated
  • Real Fleet Proven


The system stores that energy in Maxwell ultracapacitors which have been tested to more than 1.7 million cycles, meaning they will very likely outlast your vehicle.


Regenerative braking helps the vehicle slow from 35 MPH to stop. The motor engages on the driveline to take pressure off the vehicle’s brakes and steadily build torque.


Energy is released from the ultracapacitors on vehicle launch for a boost you can feel and a measurable reduction in fuel used and emissions produced.

Who's using it

Public Transit

Dozens of public transit agencies throughout North America have been early adopters of the Kinetic Hybrid for their demand response and shuttle bus fleets. In addition to the “green” benefits of reduced pollution, fleet managers also appreciate the lower total cost of ownership, fuel savings, ease of use, and reliability.


# of Class 3-7 buses and light trucks in your fleet
What is more important to your fleet?
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How to Buy

The Kinetic Hybrid is ready to go on new class 3-7 buses or trucks or as retrofit for existing ones.


It can be purchased directly through Energetics Drivetrains or one of our approved distribution partners.


Grants may also be available in your area. Contact us or your local Clean Cities organization for more information.

Request Your Test Drive

The best place to experience the power of the Kinetic Hybrid is in the driver's seat. Fill in the form below or contact us at 1-844-309-3630 to schedule your test drive.